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Old 10-25-2014, 02:35 AM
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What is more important in Project Management?

Hello friends,

Can anybody answer or share your thoughts regarding the following question?

Either project should be delivered in time or to deliver the full scope of the project? What is more important and why?

Need some suggestion and expert advice on this.

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Old 10-27-2014, 09:45 AM
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In my opinion I think so that both keeps importance, time is one of the major factor in every case. So promise the time which you think should be considerable in all aspects.
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Old 10-27-2014, 12:19 PM
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I agree that a successful should be delivered on time, with the full scope of the project accomplished. As a project manager, you have to see through this, that both requirements are satisfied. You can neglect one aspect at one time , but if you keep on doing this, you will have a bad reputation as a project manager. So for me, it is always best to fulfill the two criteria whenever your project ends.
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Old 10-27-2014, 01:47 PM
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A matter of consideration

Hello Andrew,

This is a very important question, one which has plagued us project managers since times immemorial.

If you are faced with a situation where you can either deliver the project on time or deliver it as per the full scope, then follow these steps (I can advice you on this because I have tasted success with this methodology):

1. Introspect and gather all the data you can possibly get your hands on regarding the cause of delay. In most cases these are unforeseen circumstances and will not reflect badly on you or your team. Compile these into a presentation and pitch to your clients for more time. Explain why you have not been able to stick to the deadline and throw in the remedial measures you took to rectify the deviation from the deadline. This has a success rate of around 62% and the client(s) is apt to give in to your request.

2. If the client is adamant and can't allow more time, go back to the drawing board and do a comparative analysis. Which features of the final deliverable have been tagged as top priority and out of these high priority options which can be executed in the limited time frame. In fact create your own priority chart (if you have used SCRUM you must be familiar with priority charts). And execute accordingly.

3. If possible present your game plan to the clients with proper justification for choosing the features you did for implementation.

Hope this helps. If you need more information, feel free to get in touch with me at [email][/email].
Trina Moitra

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Old 10-30-2014, 01:43 AM
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project management

This is a nice post and here we get the nice results about project management. This is a good info. This is very helpful task in getting know about the management.
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Old 11-26-2014, 08:59 AM
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In my opinion project should be delivered on time.
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Old 12-03-2014, 07:35 AM
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In my opinion project should be delivered on time with full scope of the project.
Because the time and quality both are the major factors for any [URL=""]project[/URL].
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Old 12-15-2014, 12:55 PM
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Quality = Time + Cost

I thought this would be relevant to this thread....
Generally Speaking, every project has three competing demands:

Satisfaction of the project's requirements.

The amount of time needed to produce the project's deliverables.

The number/amount of money, people, and other resources needed to complete the project.

You can think of these three competing demands as variables in an equation:

Quality = Time + Cost

Change any one of these variables, and you change the other two as well.
I am also pretty new to PM.
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Old 01-31-2015, 03:58 PM
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Sponsor Decision

In the perfect world, complete scope must be delivered in planned timeframe. Through years of project management experience, I can tell you, unfortunately instances pop up stopping you from achieving this goal.

So, how do you do it? By effective planning, risks management and keeping your stakeholders especicially project sponsor engaged throughout the phases of your project. Through good risks management, the question whether you can deliver everything in time or not will not jump out at you at last minute. When it does come up, do your due diligence to understand why and what's and how's. And then present the facts to the project sponsor. They are the right people to decide if scope can be decreased or time can be moved out. Using that decision, you manage the project's delivery in the proper manner.

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Julie Tuttle, PMP
Technical Project Manager
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Old 02-05-2015, 01:36 AM
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Project Management

Great ideas are given about the Management.
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