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Old 01-27-2014, 01:53 AM
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Methodologies for short term/parallel software consulting projects

Iíve been focused on software product for a while now and introduced Scrum to quite a few companies. Iíve also used Type-C Scrum for DevOps and UX which has worked quite. So now, theyíve asked me to work with the Project Management Organization (PMO) and get them more ďAgileĒ. Iíve been out of consulting since 2007, so Iíve lost track of any recent project management trends when it comes to delivery, because Iíve been so product focused. So what is out there in terms of lean methodologies, specifically geared for the software consulting/solution delivery model I should be looking at? A bit of background on the team:
  • Projects take 1-6 months duration, but not effort. There is significant back and forth, waiting on external dependencies and other factors that prevent them from working full speed on a project. As a result, there is typically 3-4 projects being worked on by multiple people at various times.
  • The team is reasonably small at 5 developers and 3 project managers, although I expect that to double in size fairly soon at the current growth rate.
  • They have historically been very waterfall. Requirements are gathered, features locked downÖwhich then inevitably change anyways. My gut says they are open to change, although I havenít really validated that assumption yet, letís assume a low friction to change.
  • They donít have any of the typical Agile engineering processes such as unit testing, pair programming, retrospectives or continuous integration.

What I am looking for:
  • Some well-known, lean methodology that I can use for small consulting projects running in parallel.
  • I donít want to create my own from scratch, because I would like to give people reference material, books/blogs to read and frankly, I donít have the time. Besides, I usually start with something ďoff the shelfĒ and then tweak it the way I want anyways.
  • I think the engineering practices for me are fairly straightforward, because they latch onto our continuous integration/unit testing infrastructure, but itís the stories, task decomposition, tracking, etc. that I donít have a perfect answer to.

Any suggestions?
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Old 04-08-2014, 06:01 AM
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Hello Randar,
I quite understand your problem, and your decision to opt for a development methodology in lieu of scrum. However, be rest assured, scrum still works, and all that is required to do is get the basics of scrum right, and follow them honestly - youíre sure to succeed!
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