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Difference Between Configuration Management System & Change Management System

I get a number of questions about the differences between a Configuration Management System and a Change Management System. This question arises because most project managers have heard about a Change Management System, and Change Control, but most of them haven't seen, heard or used a Configuration Management System.

So I thought to clarify the difference between Change Management & Configuration Management in this article, and help PMP aspirants get correct answers to PMP quesitons from this area.

In the second world war, the Germans lost to Britishers & Americans in North Africa. Why?

Because of their failure to do Configuration Management.

When a tank used in the war broke down and needed a replacement part, it will be ordered. Most of the replacement parts would arrive on time, but would not fit nicely, causing the tank to be put out of service. Over the next few months, the supply of the German tanks reduced considerably, and the Americans and Britishers triumphed.

Configuration Management is the solution to solve this wrong-replacement-part problem. It tracks the different revisions to the design, blueprints, technical specifications, and can tell you which one is the lastest revision, so that the right part can be identified.

Configuration Management is primarily a Version Control System for the Product of the Project.

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