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Thumbs up Best 101 ways to organize(Manage)your life(straight from the mouths of best managers)

<<< Introduction >>>

Project Management (and life) Wisdom straight from the mouths of project managers:

<<< Leadership >>>

1. Keep your approach friendly: People are not looking to make friends at work, but refraining from an aggressive approach towards your employees is a good idea. The whip - your - team - into - submission approach worked with the "Pyramids of Giza" project Ė but it is outdated now. The days when you could bully and scare the s*** out of your team are over. Be diplomatic and assertive, instead.

2. When taking on a new project/responsibility at work, convey to your management the extent of authority you need in order to effectively execute your project. Ensure that you have the authority that you need before you start work on your project.

3. Being people-oriented does not mean that you cannot be task-oriented (and vice-versa).

4. One-to-one: Meet regularly with your team members on a one-on-one basis. When you apply this principle to your kids, it makes each of them feel special.

5. Nobody appreciates a micro-manager: Donít sit on the heads of your team members.

To Read More Visit This Page To read all 101 Ways

[URL=""]The 101 ways here[/URL]
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