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Old 03-10-2009, 07:54 AM
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PDU Worthy Discussion Help for estimating Project Scope

Hey Guys..,

I need some help to estimate a scope for a project that integrate the banking API services to activate the online money transfer with the bank. Its also includes the Age & identity verification module.
Can any of them suggests what will be approximate timeline that i can quote for this kind of project.

Thanks in Advance
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Old 08-21-2010, 03:49 AM
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Hi, I can't be specific about your timeline question directly, but I can help with your scope - which will lead to the generation of a timeline...

My golden rule when being asked to scope any project, is to focus on the products or deliverables. Scope problems will occur if your customer/users/YOU! are unclear about what is included. Start by 'workshoping' a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS), and for each product, produce a draft Product Description, in particular try to describe the quality criteria needed for it to be acceptable to your customer. This quality criteria will help you estimate the work needed to create the product in the first place, plus the effort to get it accepted. Try to get your customer to agree the PBS - this then be vital when getting acceptance at the end of the project.

You can now create a list of activities for each product. I would suggest using Post-It notes for the above and for the creation of each activity. From this you can create a Network diagram (Precedence/PERT). Always estimate the work effort in each activity first, then make an assumption about how many staff will be needed - use this to drive estimating the duration/elapsed time of each activity - never the other way around.

You've now got yourself a first-pass timeline, and a realistic one at that!

Dave Litten


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Old 02-05-2024, 05:39 AM
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Help for estimating project score

Estimating the scope for a project integrating banking API services with online money transfer and identity verification is vital. The timeline will depend on project complexity, API integration challenges, and verification module intricacies. Considering the critical nature of banking projects, it's recommended to conduct a thorough analysis. Collaborate with a project management expert or consult relevant resources for a more accurate timeline. Best of luck with your project!
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