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Cloud Computing is Budget Computing for SMBs

Cloud Computing is Budget Computing for SMBs

Today, as we have a hard-hitting competitive business environment; the survival is for the toughest only. Only those can survive who have an increasing customer intimacy and business receptiveness and who has an effective grasp over using smart technologies.
Every businessman’s prime goal is to accomplish the target of high financial gains and lower costs. The objective cannot be achieved unless and until the available resources i.e. human and material ones are managed and utilized efficiently.
In the current era of technology, management of organizational resources has become colossal task. Companies have to spend an ample of budget for the purchase of business management solutions and the integration with the existing IT infrastructure.
The cost factor can only be justified once the system is up and running and producing results. It is also said that most businesses go into slump by choosing wrong business management system. The term is known as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) which has remain the main concern for both end users and solution providers as it is the point of differentiation for both.
Every time an organization thinks of taking up a management system, it starts with the thought of how will it benefit the business, either in monetary or operational basis. In case if the business is slumped it will be considered as an unwise expense that was taken up by them. That’s why many SMB’s are reluctant to even be negotiated for Business Management Systems.

Ever since Software as a Service (SaaS) on-demand web-based/client model applications have been introduced in the market, business organizations have become autonomous in executing various tasks smoothly with less man power or heavy IT investments.

Millions of dollars are spent by the corporations on licensing, surveying and implementation of the business management system available by different vendors in the market now. And if the buyer is not satisfied he has to stick with the solution till expiration of the license. That is where SaaS business management systems provide opportunity especially to SMB’s to manage their business operations and to achieve bigger targets at a very affordable price.
Traditional, desktop based software have been overtaken by web-based applications which most commonly regarded as “online”, “hosted”, or “on-demand applications”. Owing to the increased dependability on the Internet and World Wide Web, today we see more and more businesses signing up with SaaS model applications readily available on the web for taking care of CRM, HRM, document management needs, contacts etc.
Why? Not just because they save time, effort, cost but also because SaaS applications offer benefits to business due to their multi-tenant efficiency, flexibility and scalability features. During the current economically turbulent times, it has become even more imperative to lead the race of time and be the priority choice for every opportunity and every customer interactions than it was ever before. Furthermore, it is best to utilize a system without having to make hefty investments on software which otherwise can be expensive to install, administer and maintain. Who needs initial big investments or suffer headaches of maintenance or fear the risk of losing your data, simply sign up with our services and access your data in a safe medium with pay as you go facility. No rules, no contract.

Vision Online Business Management System has been designed to fill the gap between various entry-level and multifarious high-end system. A cost effective management solution for your small or perhaps medium sized organization, Vision is a sophisticated business management tool packed with innovative features, facilitating with productivity-enhancing benefits and an array of customization options to befit your diverse business needs.
Unlike some other software options, Vision is an all-in-one-solution, eradicating the need for purchasing other system modules separately for taking care of further different organizational/business tasks.

With Vision you do not have to purchase any software or switch from your old system or implement anything additionally. Vision is a pay-as-you-go service, starting at a monthly cost of $39, yes just that! In contrast with others, licensed Business Management applications usually require a hefty license fee in advance, followed by smaller monthly maintenance fee which can usually sum up to be approximately 15-20% of the total license fee. Imagine that!

Vision’s in-built six outstanding modules comprising of Project Management, Field/Support Services, Document Management, HR Management, Customer Relations Management, and lastly, Accounting Management, come along with a set of fully integrated and interlinked system developed to streamline your business, increase productivity, and boost your revenue.

Along with the ease to set up and built-in security system, you can tailor your unique business needs with Vision’s customizable and scalable business solutions. Its powerful modules work seamlessly together in order to deliver incomparable performance, reliability, and add value to your business.

Vision Online Business Management System allows your employees to collaborate and share vital information and systematize their work in a single real-time system. You can keep a track on all the functional and financial activity going on around your entire organization. Armed with that knowledge you can improve your processes - your entire company becomes smarter about prospects and customers and your ability to meet their demands and exceed expectations.
Vision helps you maximize your customer relationships and other prospect opportunities that come your way. You can effortlessly streamline in-house employee or client communications in order to improve sales and service productivity which ranks up your overall business effectiveness and achievability.

If you want to manage all your documents and projects in one place without losing any essential data and keep a track of time and budget, Vision qualifies for being your ultimate choice for meeting all your unique business demands.

Enhance your sales and marketing efforts with an automated system that facilitates you in providing a better decision-making aptitude. Furthermore, it helps you stay updated with up-to-the-minute information and details any time.
Vision enables you to forecast, track and administer your revenue plan, underlying projects in pipelines and other business goals.

Without installing any hardware or software, only an internet connection can help you make it all doable with your Vision Business Management Solution, amplifying your business processes and workflow within fewer resources. This way, you can access your information, share and save data accordingly from remote locations without having to be restricted to your organizational or business premises.

When you can easily get most of your work done with Vision’s multiple-tasking Online Business Management System, then why spend heavy funds and make investments on purchasing individual software to manage different organizational tasks?

Mark Hoffman
Senior Consultant
Business Vision ME

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