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This Isn't Excel, It's Magic!:
This ebook contains 85 tips about Excel - shortcuts, formula secrets and tricks. There is no Visual Basic (macro) coding in this book. It is all done using Excel's built in features and formula capabilities.

The author has been an Excel MVP since the program began.

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Alesa Ward
February 24, 2006
Ratings from: Alesa Ward

Summary An absolute must have!

Audience Rating:: Practitioners

Reviewer's Comments

This isn't Excel, It's Magic! is a fantastic book. I thought I knew a lot about Excel; but I now realize how little I did know. It is hard to pick a favorite because there are so many great head spinning, jaw dropping tips & tricks.

The book is well written with easy to follow examples. It makes unlocking the power of Excel an amazing experience. 85 great topics ranging from using advance filters to using vba bookmarks. A must have for beginning and expert users everywhere.

Thanks for a great time saving book, Mr. Umlas. You are a true magician!!

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