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Old 10-08-2011, 05:51 AM
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Default Project Development: What do you think went wrong with this scenario?

A computer college and a bank have the same owner, making them a sister company. It was April of 2009 when the bank President and IT manager came up with an idea of employing the school’s resources that includes the manpower services, equipment and hardware for the Bank’s Automation project, namely: Accounting system, Loan Processing system and Savings Account Management system.

The President of the Bank talked to the Administrator of one of the School’s branches and asked the computer instructor to develop, first the accounting system and then the other two will follow after it is finished. The bank IT Manager acted as the project consultant and though there was no written agreement or any documentation pertaining to the project’s initialization, the instructor started coding the program.

After two weeks from the first meeting, the branch Administrator decided that there must be a time limit for the development. The instructor needs to teach as well and the administrator did not want to hire another instructor.

Initially, both the bank president and the school branch administrator decided on the following:

• Develop the Accounting, Savings and Loans system for the bank with in 4 months.
• Create a system using Java language or create an open source web application
• The following months are for:
= May – Research
= June – Functional Prototyping
= July – Finalize Design
= August – Implementation, training and approval.
• Developers was:
o Instructor – Accounting System
o Branch administrator – Loans Processing System
o Instructor’s wife (an instructor from another branch) – Savings System

The instructor has to trash the two weeks worth of programming as it was developed using VB.Net.

June 2009, the school branch employed the services of a student as the administrator decided to give up part in the development.

Both the student and instructor’s wife created a web application for Savings and Loans. The student was to report to the school and the Bank three times a week with an allowance of P200 a day provided by the school. The student quitted after two coding two loan application module. He was replaced immediately by a professional programmer this time. The professional programmer scratched the student’s work out and started again on the loan application.

February 2010, the development status was staggering due to the following concerns:
• Lack of financial funding, (the instructor and wife had no extra compensation for the development. The professional programmer got minimal compensation from the school. The bank only paid 50K to the school)
• Lack of development procedures,
• There was no project manager or an authority over assumed obligations

March 2010, the development team halted the development for the Bank and opted to concentrate on other more pressing responsibilities (their job).

Here are some questions I wondered myself but would like to have a feedback from you.

1.)What project management anomalies did the project sponsors (the administrator, bank president and IT manager) and the development team committed?

2.)Can a project with this situation (sister company using resources of the other) have a chance of succeeding?

3.)Was it fair to use the resources of a sister company, without giving extra compensation?

4.)What should have been done to avoid such project failure?

thank you

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Old 10-30-2011, 07:27 PM
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What da ya want for nothing? ... a rrrrrrrrubber biscuit?

1) Project was not professionally scoped, scheduled, or budgeted.
2) No. (Actually, maybe. But not worth the risk and sure as hell not worth the reward. Anyway there is a reason there are professionals who specialize in this sort of thing. See next answer for detail.)
3) Yes, but not professional. You don't sleep with your sister because it could get ugly.
4) A fish rots from the head. If the two originators of the project couldn't see it coming, they never will. And next time it will be two different geniuses who will need learn the lesson all over again from experience.
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Old 10-31-2011, 04:18 AM
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1) Project charter was missing, henceforth who was the project sponser was not rightly recorder.
2)Yes, you should have a SLA, OLA contracts in between the sister concern organizations
3) Yes, but Act as per contract agreed between both organizations
4) Detailed scoping, analysis, gap analysis, Project charter which issues authority to PM, identify all stakeholders, do Risk Management, define communication management.
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Old 10-31-2011, 06:32 AM
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Well, sure. And Good Luck, too!
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Old 10-31-2011, 11:09 AM
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hello stourleyk and yashbindlish, thanks for the input.

yes, LUCK would be a great part of a success. many other software development company have also tried to give their services however to no avail.

using the sister company's(school) resources was a good idea as the project sponsors (the admin included) was trying to 'maximize' the resources available. what i thought was that is was more exploitation.

but it would have been wonderful if it succeeded. however, lesson learned here is a lesson that must not be forgotten.

thanks for your reply!
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